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Superhero Poetry Ideas

This will prove to be the single most niche blog post ever written.

But I have never been one to let that kind of thing stop me!

A shout out to the #geekteachsquad came out last night from:

A range of suggestions were made.

  • Adverb poems – starting each line with either the same or different adverbs
  • Simile poems
  • Tele-Stitch from @redgierob

I had never heard of that one – but gives a great opportunity for creative and challenging sentence/phrase writing.


Personally I went for Superhero Limericks:

My ideas (of which I am rather pleased as they were written very quickly) are here:


Hulk/Bruce Banner

The once was a Dr called Bruce,

Got zapped by Gamma “What the deuce?!?”

His muscles did swell,

He screamed ‘What the hell!?’

What’s worse he’s the colour of spruce!



There once was a Norse God called Thor,

He fought, what a terrible bore,

He could control lightning,

Which Loki found frightening,

Though his hammer he feared even more.


Iron Man/Tony Stark

There once was a rich bloke named Stark,

Who’d build weapons up for a lark,

His suits were all iron,

He could even fly ’em,

That eccentric rich fella Stark.



There once was a man named Wolverine,

He wore leather jacket and jean,

From his hands came sharp knives,

He had lived many lives,

James Howlett, the great Wolverine.



There once was a man called Kal-El,

He was from Krypton and Earth as well,

He was fast as a bullet,

A Freight Train? Could pull it!

Metropolis was where he did dwell.


What Superhero inspired poetry ideas have you or could you try with your class?

What books should a child read before they leave Primary School? The Results!

I recently posed the question to Twitter and Facebook – What books should a child read before they leave Primary School?

The response was incredible – over the next 4 days, I received almost 200 suggestions for books people would recommend for children in EYFS, KS1, LKS2 and UKS2.

Thanks to everyone who added books to the list, re-tweeted and shared the links.

It wouldn’t be here without you

For the rationale behind the request, rather than write it again read here:

What books should a child read before they leave Primary School?


You can download the book list here:

Recommended Books to Read before you leave Primary School

The most popular repeated submissions were:

Goodnight Mr TomMichelle Magorian

Image from Amazon

Image from Amazon

SkelligDavid Almond

Image from Amazon

Image from Amazon

The GruffaloJulia Donaldson

Image from Amazon

Image from Amazon

We’re Going on a Bear HuntMichael Rosen

Image from Amazon

Image from Amazon

The TwitsRoald Dahl

Image from Amazon

Image from Amazon

Wonder R J Palacio (6 separate recommendations and the most suggested)

Image from Amazon

Image from Amazon

There is naturally a great deal of room for discussion here.

This list is not meant to be taken in any way as my opinion for core or supplemental books as part of any curriculum. It does however suggest some possible books for class reads, some obvious, perhaps some less so – I know that it has given me some different ideas.

Please feel free to comment if you have any additional books or thoughts on the list as it stands. It is shared in its original form, the book types and age recommendation come from the people who offered the books – not me.

Feel free to disagree!

Update (21-08-14):

Scholastic have produced a set of resources, hints and tips for Supporting reading, including recommended book lists:

Scholastic – Read Every Day

Books for 5 and Up

Books for 7 and Up

Books for 9 and Up

Books for 11 and Up

Books for 13 and Up

Thanks to @gazneedle for sharing.