About Me


Mike Watson:

I am a Primary School Assistant Head with 14 years experience in 2 counties and across a wide range of small and medium sized schools.

14 years Primary Teaching

6 years Senior Leadership

3 years Head of School/Assistant Head

Maths Subject Leader

Curriculum Design Leadership

Amongst other things!

This blog is my place to reflect on the thins that feel important at the time

My other venture is: WatsEducation Consultancy

Wats-Ed is an Educational Consultancy created and based in Lincolnshire by Mike and Susan Watson

We aim to offer support and advice for Sites, Venues and Visitor Centres to improve and develop planning, activities and environments for learning for educational/school visits and commercial public visits.

Our collective experience of almost 40 years as education professionals, teachers and school leaders from Early Years to Key Stage 2, have us well placed to work with you to develop exciting new or existing environments.

We also have additional specialism in understanding and developing access arrangements for Special Educational Needs and Disability.

Having worked in education for many years, we have been on countless educational visits. We have always found ourselves saying; “This is good, but it would be even better if…”

As such we decided that we can offer this as a professional service.

We want to help you improve planning, access and variety of experience either to your existing environment or to help you develop new attractions. Both for marketing within Educational or for commercial public events and visits.


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