It Started With A Tweet…

This is a great post from Ashley, who has done so much to improve the quality of what children in his school are reading.
Often it is the simple ideas that can have an incredible impact.

I hope he forgives me the steal of this post, but I want to shar the link with some colleagues.

Thanks Ashley, keep up the good work!

The Teaching Booth

I have blogged a few times about how to hook readers for pleasure, and I have mentioned social media quite a few times. However, two years into our reading for pleasure journey, we are stronger than ever and there’s no way a lot of this cannot be attributed to social media. So how can we use it? And why does it work?

It started in an after school book club: we were studying the opening chapter of Maz Evans’ ‘Who Let The Gods Out?’. One of the children had a question about the novel to which I literally did not know the answer. After umming and ahhing for a few moments I suggested I would find Maz on Twitter and ask her. So I did. Literally two minutes later, Maz had replied. The kids hit the roof! They could not believe that a real author, whose book they were reading…

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