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Teaching with ‘The Lost Words’

Teaching with: Can I Build Another Me?

I am looking to use this book next term with Y4 – so I am shamelessly nicking Jonny’s blog so I can find it easily later.
Thanks for sharing Jonny!

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Can I Build Another Me? – Shinsuke Yoshitake

I cannot remember exactly who first mentioned this book on Twitter a few years ago, but to whoever it was, I am eternally grateful. This esoteric little book is a brilliant one to share, it is visually arresting and is such a great book to teach with.

The idea of it is that a little boy called Kevin wants to make another Kevin who can do his domestic chores, so he saves up his money and buys a robot. In order for the robot to act like and look like Kevin, he needs to fill it with all the information about himself. Each page shows something different, such as his Likes and Dislikes and the Things I Can and Can’t Do. The way I see it, the book is a gentle introduction to introspection – when kids read it and begin to…

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A Simple Geography Map Task Exploring your Local Area can Produce Beautifully Complex Results

jonny walker teaching

Published in full in Teach Primary, here. Thanks TP for the stunning image to accompany this piece too. All credit to you and the artist.

With heavy exhalations and after much eye-rubbing, I had finished drafting the curriculum map for the whole school for geography. I looked over it first with a sense of relief, and then immediately afterwards with a mild sense of encroaching woe: it was blisteringly dull.

The coverage was there, sure, but essentially, I had just rewritten the entire national curriculum in a different font.

In certain areas it lacked freshness, or anything to really hook in the children. I thought about what it was that made me excited about geography, and realised these things were absent from the curriculum: a sense of curiosity about the space in which we live and a knowledge of local stories.

The Y4 unit on urban settlements included a walk…

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It Started With A Tweet…